Sleeping Vacuum Cleaner


When not in use the vacuum cleaner lives in what our lefthomeyearsago daughter still calls ‘her’ room. I noticed recently that however casually you put it down it nearly always arranges itself gracefully, cat fashion, on the floor.  As shown above. Well done Meile engineers and designers; both stylish and functional.

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4 Responses to Sleeping Vacuum Cleaner

  1. I agree, industrial design is so important; these non-living things have a language of their own.

  2. “Form follows function” is the classic design theory by Frank Lloyd Wright. Regardless of the function, we need more beautifully created designs to surround us. Well done.

  3. Meanderer says:

    Very elegant and stylish! We have a George which is quite unruly and rebellious at times 🙂

    I’m gradually going through your posts from oldest to newest and will catch up soon!

    • Trifocal says:

      Ours gets rather stroppy about cleaning the middle bit of the stairs 🙂
      Very kind of you to work through the blog; hope you find things of interest there.

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