Wood and Glass


February sunset, through the kitchen window.

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8 Responses to Wood and Glass

  1. Joe says:

    Great capture 😀

  2. It has a very pleasant amber glow, I think it’s very well accomplished.

  3. Trifocal says:

    Thank you; it is one of my favourites so far. It had been raining earlier and there was still a lot of mist about, which helped create a nice effect I think.

  4. treiter89 says:

    Oh very nice. Absolutely love it. Not sure what it is but the atmosphere in this photograph is stunning. May I ask what kind of equipment you use? I want to get into photography but I’m not sure where to start.

  5. Trifocal says:

    Pleased you liked it; the shot is taken looking out from our kitchen towards a wet and misty sunset. The shadows outside the window are from our rather disorganised Forsythia plant which is growing up round the bathroom drainage pipes.
    The camera used for all my pictures in the blog so far is a Lumix G3, with a removable 14-45 zoom lens. Nearly all the shots are handheld and taken in natural light, then cropped and edited in an old version of Photoshop. The camera series is up to about G6 now but you can still get new G3s on eBay for about £200 with the rather less good but very adequate 14-42 lens included. When I started photography I began with a cheap camera and tried all sorts of subjects until I worked out what things I really liked photographing. I also found out from that experience what I wanted the cheap camera to do that it couldn’t, and then looked for a more expensive replacement which could. I have had the G3 for a few years now and it still knows far more than I do, so for an average photographer like me there is no reason to change it really 🙂
    Hope that helps, and good luck with your photography.

  6. Meanderer says:

    I love this. The golden light is wonderful and I like the way the bottles look as if they have been hand-drawn and painted in!

  7. Trifocal says:

    Pleased you like it 🙂 The bottles are all old ones that apparently usually came from Victorian rubbish dumps. Around the ’70’s people would dig them out and sell them as curiosities- I think we got these about then. The attractive light effects are mainly produced by the old uneven glass they were made from, I think.

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