Wood and Glass 2


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11 Responses to Wood and Glass 2

  1. Very delicate. A window within a window is a theme Belgium painter Rene Magritte worked with often.

  2. Y. Prior says:

    well how interesting to learn about Magritte! and I like the window reflection as well, but what catches my eye in this nice photo – is that wonderful blue serving dish to the right. The red of the bird in front of it brings the eye over there – which then nestles into all that soothing blue and white. so nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Y. Prior says:

      actually – I did know a couple of Magritte’s pics – and we did a hat lesson one day where we featured “son of man”- to highlight the Derby hat – and of course the kids also loved the “false mirror” (eye with clouds!!)
      but it was nice to see even more works – ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Trifocal says:

      Embarrassing to admit, but I was so focussed on the mirror (in more senses than one) that I did not really look closely at the dish and the cockerel when taking the picture. The brightly painted wooden cockerel was a present from someone I worked with forty years ago in another place. She gave it to us to celebrate the birth of our son. Neither Mrs T or I can now recall where the dish came from, though my guess is that it too predated arriving at the present house. It has a white background glaze covered by a dense and attractive pattern of blue chrysanthemums. It is certainly oriental and probably Japanese, as I believe the chrysanthemum has a special place in Japanese culture. Glad you encouraged me to go back and look properly at both!

  3. Y. Prior says:

    well thanks for the reply- and wow- that cockerel is extra special then – with such a warm memory attached – and I thought it was ceramic – hmmm – but I bet the wood is nicer.

    Also, thanks for the details on the blue dish – it is so not my area of expertise, but I did see some blue and white dishes being appraised on a show once and it was interesting how some were worth a lot (only a couple, but one was like really rare) and the rest were just “old” – ha! (but I think all are beautiful)

    and regarding this:
    I believe the chrysanthemum has a special place in Japanese culture.

    well I did not know this – so that is fun to learn, but I did know that the cherry blossom is very important – and many countries have cherry trees that were gifts from japanโ€ฆ.

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