Plates 6


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8 Responses to Plates 6

  1. There’s so much I like about this image. The colors & textures. Most of all I appreciate the composition.

  2. Yes, great composition, and that little window adds a lot of mystery.

  3. Dawn says:

    Thanks for your visit and comments. I scrolled through your blog and really like how you frame and compose your shots. I find my eye drawn all around what you present as I work out what you want me to consider. Very nice work.

  4. y. prior says:

    I agree with the other readers – great comp.

    and I like the texture on the wall –

    but also the words on the plate are the BEST!!!! “answer, like, question, like….” sounds like blogging terms! or just life words to live by…. very cool.

    you have some of the most unique pictures in the blogosphere-

    • Trifocal says:

      Nearly all the things in the photographs, apart from some of the books, were chosen over the years by Mrs T, so any credit is hers. She is very entertained that after having (apparently) failed to notice their existence for nearly half a century I am now busy photographing them all!

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