Two steps forward, one step back

GreenJug ed

To help move our decluttering plans along Mrs T went with a friend to a local auction to see if it might be somewhere we could sell stuff.

That ‘with a friend’ bit is nearly always a danger sign, so it was not a total surprise when she came back with this rather nice 1930s/40s jug. This was where it stayed while she was deciding on a permanent home for it.

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14 Responses to Two steps forward, one step back

  1. Elina says:

    What a fantastic jug, a great story and photo Trifocal! 🙂

    • Trifocal says:

      Thank you! It is a big jug, perhaps for flowers originally? I find it hard to see what colour of flowers/leaves would go well with it though. Mrs T usually just uses the jugs as decorations though so it is not a problem 🙂

  2. Joe says:

    LOL, sounds like something I would do but on the positive side the jug is awesome and I would surely use it as a prop in some black and white photos 🙂

  3. Jools says:

    Oh, I know that selling/buying dilemma! I’ve been caught up in that one more than once.

  4. Maria F. says:

    I was also doing that. In the U.S. they have a TV show called “The Antiques Roadshow”
    I love to watch it because it shows how art historians study the antiques to determine their actual value in the market.

    • Trifocal says:

      Mrs T watches that programme over here too. Apparently one effect over the years has been that people have got a much better idea of what things were worth, so the dealers had a harder time making big profits. One thing UK dealers did in the 70s was export ship container-loads of antiques to the States. Just out of curiosity I checked the internet and it is still going on. For instance a firm called Lenten Hall Antiques advertises that:

      ‘We offer containers suited to your individual market requirement and budget, therefore costing can vary significantly depending on the quality/age of items you want. A 40ft container (175 items approx.) can start at as little as $10,000 (US Dollars) right up to $50,000 plus. Its all down to your individual requirements and specification; where the more you spend the older and better quality items you buy.
      A $10-16,000 container would typically consist of post 1920s furniture with a few older items mixed in and some bric-a-brac depending on your preference and market requirements.’

      Makes you wonder how much stuff there can be still left to sell; 175 bits of furniture sounds like about a complete house full to me 🙂

  5. y. prior says:

    cool jug = and it looks like it is in mint condition. wow – hope you find the right home. 🙂

  6. Love all the greens in the photo, no wonder she put it there. I somehow want to pour milk from this jug (not that we’d ever have anywhere near that amount of milk in this mostly vegan house;).

    • Trifocal says:

      I see what you mean; it does look rather pastoral now you mention it. But it would indeed be a big jug for milk; more Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs size than Mrs T and I plus occasional visitors 🙂

  7. Meanderer says:

    It’s beautiful, and I would have been attracted to it too!

    • Trifocal says:

      Yes, Mrs T likes it a lot. Have to confess I found it a bit overpowering on the desk, but she has since put it and some other jugs on a high shelf in the scullery. It goes very well there against the white wall I think.

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