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11 Responses to Dragon

  1. Joe says:

    Great shot ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Trifocal says:

    Thanks Joe ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Emilio Pasquale says:

    It DOES actually look like a dragon’s tail!

  4. Maria F. says:

    Amazing, I just love the shape of this plant

  5. Trifocal says:

    Thought you might like this one ๐Ÿ™‚
    It is a foxglove, which was growing wild here when we came. They are very hardy so it is quite possible they have been self seeding in the garden for years.

  6. They’re called Fingerhรผte in German (thimbles). I guess it all depends on one’s perspective.;)

  7. Trifocal says:

    Both of those certainly make sense, if you are happy with foxes dressing up to go out, at least. But- on the off chance I looked up ‘thimble flower’ and there is indeed a flower called that in English too. However it looks nothing at all like a thimble…

  8. kirizar says:

    I love the perspective on this photo. Did you have to lie on the ground to achieve this…possibly in a pit dug in front of the flower?

  9. Trifocal says:

    Glad you liked it; in fact the foxglove was growing a couple of feet off the ground when I took the picture. When we first came to the house there was a weeping willow growing in the lawn- a sort of XL sized muppet that looked very odd. But it made a great shady place to hang a swing for the children so we left it for a couple of years. Then I sawed it down.
    Oddly the 2 foot stump sticking up from the grass didn’t look too good either, and the various chemicals I put on it had no visible effect. Friends told us that burying it in earth would kill it, but we didn’t want a miniature earthwork in the lawn either. So instead we put an old chimney pot over the stump, filled that up with soil and left it for about 35 years. The soil surface never fell much so we suspect the stump is still slumbering away to itself underneath. This year the foxglove chose the chimney pot as its place to self-seed ๐Ÿ™‚

    • kirizar says:

      I feel compelled to go out and chop down trees to test your theory. I suspect the condo board would have reservations though. Thanks for the beautiful details.

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