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12 Responses to Broom

  1. Like the abstract and mysterious quality of the image.

    • Trifocal says:

      Thank you Sally; I did think it was rather like a fireworks display rocket finale, but in wood. But couldn’t find a good enough title to convey that idea 🙂

  2. The essence of broom.

    • Trifocal says:

      Thank you for that very illuminating comment. I had simply not thought of it in that way, but now you say that I can see it too.
      It is strange though, isn’t it, because the picture, (unlike many of yours) does not bring out the strong underlying shape of the object, which is how I would usually try to get to the underlying function or structure. Instead it is all detail- yet that does somehow give some impression of the essence of it.

  3. Great shot of an everyday object!

  4. Maria F. says:

    Beautiful textures, I thought it was grass!

  5. prior says:

    I thought it was grass too – what fun shot – 🙂

  6. Trifocal says:

    Strange that it looks ‘grassy’-though it does. It is actually made of very sturdy straight twigs of some sort. Incidentally if you look very closely you can see the uneven wear on the ends made by holding the broom at an angle as you sweep.

  7. Meanderer says:

    Super abstract! Reminds me a little of one of those fibre optic lamps seen in trendy homes in the ’70s 🙂

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