Wallpaper- a Half-Century Rollback


I hadn’t intended to do another post this week but Chuck, Nick and Alan are decorating the big bedroom for us and today this emerged from under a few other layers of wallpaper while they were stripping the walls. It was probably put up in the 1940s or 50s; I can vaguely remember similar wallpapers from my childhood in our earlier homes. (We moved a great deal when I was young.) Thought it was worth recording as it has probably been hidden for half a century and within a few days will disappear again, this time for ever…

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7 Responses to Wallpaper- a Half-Century Rollback

  1. Meanderer says:

    A sweet rosebud pattern. It looks in amazingly good shape considering its age. Your decorators must have the gentle touch regarding wallpaper stripping 🙂

  2. maspring37 says:

    The wallpaper brought back memories for me too ,except my rosebuds were blue.

    • Trifocal says:

      I tried searching ‘1940s wallpaper’ images when the wallpaper first showed up- flowers in general and roses in particular were obviously the thing back then!

      • maspring37 says:

        Mine weren’t from the 1940’s but the 1950’s . My friend’s house had enormous blowsy type , pink roses in the living room. They had a living room and a lounge , my gran had a parlour which was never used except when the priest came or the doctor. We lived in the kitchen mainly because it was warm because of the stove. No central heating then. I liked the beautiful fern like patterns the ice made on the inside of the window.

  3. It’s probably too late now but if I were you I would save a small piece and hang it up in a frame.:)

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