No Wallpaper- a Two Century Rollback?


In the last post Nick had taken us back fifty years in terms of wallpapers. On the adjacent wall he had to go deeper, revealing not only another wallpaper but also what is very probably the original lime wash/whitewash  from when the wall was built. In addition you can see the underlying wall itself. What is interesting is that this wall is (according to our builder Chuck) wattle and daub rather than brick. You can just about make out (in the bit that was dug out where a picture hook was removed) that the daub included straw. Behind the straw (bottom middle) one of the wooden wattles is also just visible.

I took the camera upstairs to select and edit the picture, saw that the straw and wattle were not that clear and so came down to take a close-up.

I then realised I had not asked Nick to leave plastering that bit until later… Clearly this is my week for missing good shots Smile

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6 Responses to No Wallpaper- a Two Century Rollback?

  1. Maria F. says:

    This is amazing, how the past is always there, even when one thinks it’s not. Interesting reflection.

  2. prior says:

    cool shot – and I did not know it was called “wattle and daub” – how interesting – I saw on a show once where there was animal hair also mixed in with these old walls –

  3. Trifocal says:

    The daub bit looks rather similar to the adobe I have seen in SW USA. Over here in England I think hair and straw are two alternative reinforcing elements- apparently with animal manure as an optional extra 🙂

  4. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Animal manure? Must be invigorating in your climate! Ah, I can smell it now….

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