Winter Sun


We have had a very grey and gloomy winter this year but yesterday the sun came out late in the afternoon, the sunlight falling across the old rose trellis on the scullery wall…

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6 Responses to Winter Sun

  1. yprior1 says:

    very cool geometric lines with the organic – and then your shadows – and the mention of the sun – you packed so much into a single photo 🙂

  2. Trifocal says:

    Thank you; really appreciate your comment because those were the sort of things I was hoping to bring out.

  3. jannatwrites says:

    I like the yellow warmth of the sunlight showing in the top part of the photo. There is something so much more special about the sun after gray skies.

    • Trifocal says:

      Thank you for commenting 🙂
      Yes indeed- the sun was very low when I took the picture, slipping in under the low grey clouds. Possibly rain earlier had left a lot of moisture in the air so the light was yellow rather than sunset red, but I thought this actually worked quite well with the white wall and the dark branches.

  4. Maria F. says:

    Soon you’ll see them sprouting again!

  5. Trifocal says:

    Yes- there are already a few buds showing 🙂

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