First Curtain Call: Downstairs

In this set of three ‘Curtain Call’ posts I will try to show all the places where the things featured in the earlier blog pictures were located. This first post covers the downstairs rooms.



P1190267ed P1190278ed









The next post will show the upstairs rooms…

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11 Responses to First Curtain Call: Downstairs

  1. kirizar says:

    I am in love with this. I especially like the arboreal laundry room.

    • Trifocal says:

      Mrs T and I have had a gentle but determined 40 year long tussle over whether to call it the utility room or the scullery. Actually your suggestion is better then both 🙂

      • kirizar says:

        If you called it a scullery, I will picture all sorts of shenanigans going on with someone dressed in a French Maid’s costume. Better call it a utility room instead.

        • Trifocal says:

          On the other hand calling it a utility room makes it sound like an electricity substation. (Over here electricity, gas etc. are called public service utilities.) Decisions, decisions…

        • kirizar says:

          If you want, you can merge the two: A Utility Scullery. One of you can dress as an electrician…the other can wear the maid’s outfit. Problem solved.

  2. Lavinia Ross says:

    Very bright and cheery. I like the pink room too. And lots of books!

  3. Maria F. says:

    I see this is another approach, great to see you back!

  4. Rhys Jones says:

    Great photos of a lovely house! I also live in the Midlands, in a more modest property 🙂

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